Acoustics and demos and stuff

by Matchstick Bridges

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Various acoustics, incomplete demos, and songs I am too lazy to do properly. I'll be updating whenever I have things to add, so keep an eye on it.


released 03 July 2014

Everything, mostly - Justin Blau



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Track Name: Symptoms
One day I am going to die
And they'll dig through my things and maybe they'll be surprised
So if you get the chance in the back of my room on the far left
Is a stack of old college-ruled notebooks. I want you to burn them

When they come for my corpse steal my body away
Put me in the backyard with the weeds and the clovers
Nothing can grow there anyways
So light up the match set fire start over

And at my funeral say
He didn't change
A god damned thing

I'm sick of nosebleeds and wearing gloves inside
Bone dry air and snow on the ground when it's raining

I'm sick of summers spastic storms for star-crossed lovers
Grass that twists my insides and an outdoors that won't stay out

I'm sick of spaces in between
This second-every-second pacing
I'm sick of seasons changing
I'm fucking sick of aging
Track Name: Disparate
You're foreign
A Babel in my bed every morning
So go separate ways

Untold miles of fields, flowers, flowing streams
Living disparate, desperate, differently
Track Name: On Leaving (Acoustic demo)
Have I always been a victim
Of momentum
Broken bones and
Half buried dreams
I've been sliding downhill all my life
I think I lost the brakes three years ago

Can I go back
To my graduation
Go somewhere else or stay at home and make no friends
So I won't have to lose them this time around
It's around time
It's around that time

I could have been an engineer
I could have been a teacher
I could have called my parents yesterday
Gone home and started something new
But for now I'll drink with old friends on weekends
Whenever they're in town
And we'll sing along to fucking nothing
That's all that we've got now

And I, yeah I
Will keep tumbling down
Track Name: Like High School without the Leaving Forever Part
I haven’t written
Anything on good terms
Since pulling up the icy driveway
Late last week or last winter

I’d like to imagine that I've changed
I’d like to win the lottery
I’d like to like myself sometime this year
I’d like to win the lottery
Track Name: Every Sentiment I Express is Stolen
When I was sixteen
I liked to think that I was normal
Like everyone else
More or less

Turns out my normal
Is everyone else’s depressed
Turns out that they’ve known
Since I was ten